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Thread: Metropolitan Police - Scotland Yard

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    Metropolitan Police - Scotland Yard

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    Roxburgh Rd, Wick, Caithness KW1 5HP


    This is to inform you that your file was presented before my office today in regards to your payment valued us Ј4.3 million and absolute measures have been taken to ensure that you receive your payment before the year end through an online banking within 72 hours from the only approved bank in London, NatWest Bank London which is under our supervision and the IMF. In the strength of the subject above, I hereby advise you to contact the head of Online Transfer Dept Of NatWest Bank London Mrs. Linda Berg on his direct Tel: +447024037933 email: lindaberg_natwes@qatar.io, or lindaberg_natwes@w.cn for more remittance advice as soon as you receive this email so that he can fully carr y out all remittance operation by

    You are to contact him with this transfer code: UTBEMXXXGUK

    Note, She is the only person to take the responsibility of your fund valued Ј4.3 million in this last quarter of the year and we require urgent response and action from you to help us in carrying out our sincere services to you, as you are advised to be very sensitive and careful with any unwarranted emails from any other office or bank that might jeopardize your long effort towards the receipt of your over due payment, please adhere to this advise because the Metropolitan Police - Scotland Yard shall not be held responsible for any funds not been transferred in this quarter or transfers made in a wrong account, failure to adhere to this instruction, you will have your self to blame. Call Mrs. Linda Berg immediately you receive this email or email him for further reference on your payment.

    Congratulations in advance as we await a successful and immediate transfer of your fund, always forward every email you got from any office or any bank for verification.

    NOTE : We have mounted our security network to monitor every in-coming call , if we still find out that you are still dealing with all those fraudsters that have been frustrating you for years , I shall stop and cancel your payment immediately

    Yours truly

    Shawn Henry
    Assistant Director in Charge:

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    Nice post

    Very nice to read such "old" posts!

    This topic, like the little that you can see, they feel accompanied us at the beginning

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