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  • Fraud Running Rampant On Biggest Internet Retailer Site

    Amazon, the world’s biggest Internet retailer, lets anybody list their products for sale without any legitimate proof of their inventory. This always leads to the one bad apple spoils the bunch scenario.

    And, in the last two to three months, there’s been a plethora of fraud on Amazon from third-party sellers. The problem? It stems from a leak of login credentials of trustworthy sellers, which makes it even more difficult to find and weed out the undesirables.

    For example, customers who’ve been on Amazon to search for the Nintendo Switch may have seen an abundance of third-party sellers offering “Brand New” Nintendo Switch devices for significantly lower prices than the retail price. Most people know that if a deal is too good to be true that something must be wrong. However, not everybody understands this and have become an unwilling victim of the third-party seller fraud.

    The problem has always been there. However, with a plethora of username and password leaks from other services, sketchy sellers have targeted legitimate accounts – active and inactive – using their reputation and ratings to dupe buyers.

    Amazon is trying to combat the issue, but it’s extremely difficult to find some shady buyers. Many fake listings, with a retail price of $100 or more below a retail price, tend to have four to five-star ratings with an established history of positive business transactions. The hacker gains control over the account and changes all the banking information and places fake listings on the site before the buyer even know what has happened.

    Again, some of the hacked accounts are actually active sellers who have seen con artists take over their profiles and profits and withdrawing their money to new accounts before the account owner can do anything.

    People are advised to keep wary of any products that offer a really good deal on the website. Look at the seller’s information and use common sense before buying anything from anyone.
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