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  • Holiday Scams Are In Full Force, How You Can Protect Yourself From The Grinch

    The holidays are a time to have fun with the family, not spending time with the credit card company or bank about fraudulent transactions.Keep the Grinches from getting access to your financial information by knowing what the common scams are.

    Phishing Emails

    These are emails that have fake links that are set up to steal your personal information. You may get a notification to renew your insurance coverage or take surveys to get a discount, etc.

    Fraudulent Charities

    Many fake charities will appear around the holiday season, all in an effort to take advantage of the generosity of kind-hearted people.Scammers often use social media for this kind of attack. If you want to donate to a charity, choose a favorite of yours and go to their website.


    Many people send holiday e-cards, but these can have viruses in them. Be sure you talk to the sender before you open an e-card that’s allegedly from them.

    Phone Scams

    With more people home during the holidays, scammers will use the phones to reach out to those people. Do not ever share personal information with someone that calls you.


    You can get real bargains with websites, but many scammers have designed websites that offer low prices on merchandise they don’t have or plan to give out. All they’re setting up the website for is to steal your information. Before ordering from a website, make sure the company is real, and you’ve not been directed to a spoof of the site. Never use external links, typing in the company’s URL address. Be sure the “S” appears in the HTTPS header, which means the page is secure.

    Mobile-Device Shopping

    Be mindful of ordering through your smartphone or tablet. Although it’s convenient, you’re often using an unsecured wireless network and that raises the possibility of your information being stolen.

    When you’re using a smartphone, you may not know if the site you’reconnected to it legit or not. Again, type in the company’s URL for yourself. If you’re buying through their app, make sure it’s valid.

    Gift Cards

    You can purchase a gift card of any kind from most retailers, but carefully look them over. If you notice any activation code exposed,the scammers have gotten hold of the information and used it.

    2 Key Ways To Protect Yourself From Fraudulent Charges and Scams

    Opt For Credit Cards over Debit Cards

    Credit cards are not going to protect you from scams, but they can reduce the damage inflicted upon you. The liability you have for fake charges, undelivered items or defective items is $50, and most credit card companies waive it. If you use a bank debit card and the information is stolen, you could be left with no money in the account before you know it.

    Change Passwords

    This is the time of year to change the passwords you have on websites.

    Don’t let the Grinch steal all your fun and hard-earned money. Apply the above tips to have yourself a Happy Holiday.

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