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  • Volkswagen Faces Lawsuit After Allegedly Defrauding Arizona Consumers Over Clean Diesel Vehicles

    Mark Brnovich, attorney general in Arizona, has filed a lawsuit again Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche, claiming consumer fraud.

    According to the office, the companies deceived the state’s citizens with deceptive advertising that led to the leasing and selling thousands of professed environmentally friendly Clean Diesel vehicles.

    Over 4,000 people in Arizona own these types of vehicles.

    Brnovich said it appears to be the biggest false advertising case ever seen, with Arizona lead the nationwide effort to hold these companies accountable for their actions. With the filing of the lawsuit, he said, it will allow Arizonians the ability to attain the restitution they are eligible for for the fraud.

    According to the lawsuit, Volkswagen knowingly and fraudulently promoted, leased and sold diesel vehicle to people in the state, claiming these powerful, fuel-efficient vehicles were “clean”.

    The Attorney General’s office released a statement saying that their actions were plain fraud with Volkswagen admitting that from 2008 to 2015 that it and the Porsche and Audi subsidiaries had installed a defeat device software that would evade the EPA’s pre-sale certification testing. According to the software, the vehicles could appear to comply with the EPA’s guidelines even with the high power levels and fuel efficiency.

    However, the software led to the emission of 40 times the maximum of permitted levels of nitrogen oxide irritants. The only way these vehicles would pass the EPA standards in lab testing is with the defeat device software that made sure the engines ran under normal power to improve emissions test results.

    According to Attorney General’s office Arizonians were led to believe the false advertisements, with more than 10,000 false ads about the diesel vehicles aimed at them. The AG office said consumers who leased or bought one of the vehicles did not get the vehicle they were promised and were buying/leasing.

    Brnovich said the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act provides them with the tool that can fight this kind of fraud. The office is going to hold them accountable and ensure that their future actions are more honest.

    The lawsuit is asking for both damages and restitutions for Arizona customers along with civil penalties assessed against Volkswagen.
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