• Ashley Madison Users Threatened To Pay Opportunist Hackers

    Cloudmark, an onlinesecurity firm, noted an unusual amount of Bitcoin virtual moneytransactions has occurred after the Ashley Madison debacle wherehackers leaked the users’ email database of the adultery website.

    Hackers of AshleyMadison’s parent company Avid Life had demanded the company giveinto their demands or they would make the information public. AvidLife refused to do so.

    Many website users,after the Internet data expose by the hackers of Ashley Madison, havegotten emails from entrepreneur blackmailers threatening to releasetheir profile data to family and friends if they fail to make a lumpsum ransom to various unknown Bitcoin accounts.

    The emails targetingthe users want them to pay “1.05BTC” or $250 in U.S. dollars to aspecific BTC address. The blackmailers inform these users that ifpayment is not made, their information from the Ashley Madisoninfidelity website will be automatically sent to their family andfriends.

    The blackmailers’threatening emails is an evident effort to make money extorting theuser base of the cheating website. While leaked information fromAshley Madison can be found online already, it comes in a 10GBcompressed file that must be downloaded on BitTorrent. The wholedatabase is still not available to the viewing public… for themoment.

    Cloudmark saidBitTorrent’s blockchain public ledger has had more than 65suspicious transactions that involve nearly $16,000 going to accountsthat show early activity in a four-day time period before the leak ofdata information for Ashley Madison. There could actually be moremoney that had been extorted from the website’s users.