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  • Twitter Implements Two-Step Authentication Login

    Twitter, in response to two high-profile hackings, have begun doing a two-step authentication system so its members can keep accounts their accounts secure.

    The website introduced its new login verification feature May 22, allowing folks to pick a six-number code they will need to input as well as their actual password to get into their accounts.

    According to the company, when people sign into their account, the website will double check to ensure it’s the actual user signing in.

    It’s a two-step authentication system that is similar to Facebook, which demands members have a phone number that allows the website to send a unique code with every login attempt. Users can turn the feature on by going through their Account Settings page and clock on the “Require a verification code when I sign in”. They’ll need to input their phone number, which then allows Twitter to send them a number through text to verify their account.

    Twitter said the enabling of the login verification means the existing applications will still work without any disruption. If users want to sign into their account on other devices, they’ll need to visit the applications page to produce another short-term password to get it authorized.

    This extra security measure does mean the login process is a little more complex. But, it’s one that Twitter users will openly welcome to keep their accounts secured. Twitters accounts for various well-known accounts – 48 Hours, 60 Minutes and more – were hacked. The Associated Press was also a victim of hackers after a false tweet was sent out saying the White House was bombed. That news resulted in a severe drop in the stock market.

    This two-step authentication process is Twitter’s way of defending itself and its users from hacking attempts while also trying to fix its reputation with users.
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