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  • Two Malware Programs Target Android Operating Software

    According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), malware attacks are hitting the Android operating system for mobile devices. For people who have a Samsung, Motorola, Pantech, HTC and other phones, itís important you learn more.

    The first malware, Loozfon, uses a fake work-at-home opportunity that promises users a profitable payday for just sending email. If you click the link, youíll be sent to a website that will download Loozfon to the device. This malware will try and steal the contacts of your address book.

    The second malware, FinFisher, is sent to your smartphone when you check out a certain Internet link or open a text message that comes across as a system update. When itís installed, it monitors and controls your communications.

    IC3 Suggests The Following Tips To Stay Safe

    - Before you download any application, check out the company/developer.
    - Look over the permissions youíre agreeing to when you download the applications.
    - Use both a passcode and screen lock feature.
    - Download malware protection for the phone.
    - Donít permit your device to connect with any unknown wireless networks Ė it could contain rogue access points that seize information thatís passed between a legitimate server and your device.
    - Be mindful of applications that install Geo-location since it can be utilized for tracking where you are.
    - If you decide to trade or sell your device, wipe it clean Ė resetting it to factory settings Ė so that no personal details are left on the phone.
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