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  • Fraud-News.com Caught in the War between Hackers and Cybercrime Fighters

    On 12th June 2011, a hacker gained unauthorised access to key sections of the fraud-news.com web server via a systematic SSH based attack and then proceeded to publish a fake news story aimed at discrediting two key security experts.

    The hacker inserted article implicated Mikko H. Hypponen, CRO of F-Secure - a global leader in security as a service - and Brian Krebs, reputed Security journalist, in a made-up news story. Interestingly, the log files from the compromised server revealed that the attack originated from Estonia, which is not far from Finland, where F-Secure is located.

    The bogus yet startling fake news article was removed soon after-wards by fraud-news.com, as soon as the breach was reported, but not before it caught some attention on net. Hypponen blogged and tweeted on the matter, but not without his sense of humour. He was also responsible for alerting Fraud-News.com of the incident. According to Hypponen, the fake article was a modified version of a real article written by Brian Krebs in 2007. Hypponen's blog carries an archive of the incident.

    It is not the first time Fraud-News.Com has come under attack as it has experienced DDOS attacks that lasted longer durations, and regularly faced attempts by hackers cum spammers to crack the root user password using various strategies. However this is the first time Fraud-News.com was penetrated by a hacker with a hidden agenda, and it appears the person had a detailed knowledge of the security vulnerability of the particular software which was used by Fraud-News.Com at the time of attack.

    Some of the key system files were compromised during the attack. Fraud-News.Com has now moved to an alternative hosting facility and the forum has been upgraded to the latest version of vBulletin with all the security fixes.
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